Wednesday, 30 January 2013

Day 30: Ill and grumpy...but still running

Well I'm still ill...and the cold is getting worse. To make matters worse its one of those ones where your tastebuds go funny and you can't taste anything. I HATE IT - I love my food so it is torture not being able to enjoy it.

My colleagues didn't let me miss running club though, and even made me attempt a tempo run. Can't really call it a real one as the 'tempo' bit was rather difficult as there was a massively steep hill to go up so there was no way of keeping a consistent pace. But I managed to sort of keep up and avoided collapsing in a coughing, sneezing, nose-blowing heap! In fact I felt better out running than I did sitting at my desk.

Looking at my totals the likelihood of me hitting my hoped for 100miles has pretty much disappeared. I doubt very much that I'll be doing 8.8 miles tomorrow. Rather pissed off about it but at least I've managed to get out. However I have to say I'm very much looking forward to a rest day on Friday!! day to go people - hope everyone has enjoyed the torture challenge that is Janathon :)

distance: 3.2miles
time: 31mins 31secs
tissues used today: a massive pile!


  1. Yay to that rest day!

  2. Well done for running when you're poorly (although make sure you have a few days rest in Feb!). I have 5 miles more to run and I'll have broken 100. Hope I manage that at running club tomorrow.

  3. Getting in over 90 miles is still an amazing achievement!!