Wednesday 9 January 2013

Day 9: back to running with (or behind anyway) the boyss

I’m back running with the boys again....which translates as our running collective has started up at work again, and since one of the only other girls to regularly come along has moved offices, I have become the sole regular lady-runner.

As I predicted post-last night’s yoga class a variety of muscles hurt so was actually looking forward to easing them off with a run at lunchtime. Was heartened to get a email say that as it was our first outing after the xmas break that it would be an easy run....liars. As it was the regular more seasoned runners (I don’t include myself in that category at the moment) that turned up we ended up doing a fairly non-gentle run up along to the Pentland hills. Yes, this meant even more hills, with me struggling to keep up with the boys. Don’t worry though, they did wait for me at the top. There was also a very muddy bit along back to the road, didn’t’ want to fall and damage myself with early on in Janathon so once again fell behind. Need to get myself some trail shoes methinks!

On the up side, it was a lovely sunny day and the views around the Pentlands are rather nice. It was also great to be running in the daylight again.

End note: JogBlog kindly mentioned that having tried to read my blog she couldn’t get past a splash screen asking to take part in a survey…if anyone has similar issues, can you let me know and I will compose a disgruntled email to the powers-that-be.

distance: 2.6miles
time: 28mins
sole lady-runners: 1 (obviously, though some may dispute the title of‘lady’ for me.


  1. having issues with commenting, looking into it :(

  2. No splash screen today, hooray!

  3. Good on you! I work in a company that's mostly men, who are mostly sporty and I've learnt that any conversation about sporting or outdoor activities rapidly spirals out of my league.

    Me - "Hum, I was thinking of taking up jogging"
    colleague - "I did that last year, and now I'm on my 5th marathon".

    Me - "I quite like long distance walks"
    my ex-boss - "That's nice. I do a bit of mountain running. In fact I won the Elite class in a recent mountain marathon".

    I'm not sure if it's encouraging or scary...

  4. Tell them to loop back for you when they get to the top of each hill - that way they have to run the hills twice, which will tire them out and slow them down ;)