Thursday 3 January 2013

Day 3: Feeling like a newbie

Oh dear, what a struggle it was to get myself out and running today. Another unintended late night meant I really wanted to stay in bed rather than donning my running gear.  At least I wasn't as hungover as I was on day 1!  However, thanks to @BadWabbitTales and @runningman856 giving me a well-needed kick up the backside, I managed to roll out of bed and do a circuit of Holyrood Park.

I am still only managing to do run/walking, especially considering the steep hills in the park but happy with getting to the 5km marker. I do feel like a newbie all over again, especially seeing all the other seasoned runners out being all fast and impressive. My muscles are all starting to hurt after doing nothing other than raising a wine glass and watching TV but that means they are starting on their journey to being strong and toned again :)

So here's to it all getting that bit easier!

distance: 3.2miles
time: 38mins
impressive other runners that weren't me: LOADS


  1. It all counts, I am only managing 35 minutes of 2 min walk 1 min run but i still feel satisfied when I crawl upstairs because my thighs are hurting :)

    Keep at it

  2. You go girl! "Feeling like a newbie" is good for us, I think. Brings us back down to a level of gratitude required for true greatness... not sure what that means, but hey, it sounds profound, don't it? Cheers! ;-)

  3. We may look like newbies, but underneath we have the heart of a seasoned -athoner! (That's what I keep telling myself anyway!)